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Grand Canyon Inn

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=> Our Story : Grand Canyon Inn and Motel Locate approximate 20 minutes from Grand Canyon, It is a family-run hospitality company with a long history in Northern Arizona spanning 4 generations. It all started in the early 1950s when a large, hard working family from Canada moved to Arizona to pursue the American Dream. They built the first Grand Canyon Inn and Restaurant (as well as a service station) in a small town between Red Lake and the Grand Canyon.In 1977 the family moved and built the current Grand Canyon Motel in Valle. In 1981 they built the first 33 rooms of The Grand Canyon Inn and Restaurant. Expansions continued with two new wings and a swimming pool in the mid 1990s. Today the Grand Canyon Inn & Motel has 101 rooms. The family also offers water and trash services to the region. As you might imagine, it takes some effort to run such a large company in this rural area. => Rooms : At Grand Canyon Inn you can choose between rooms and suites that have maintained the original design that this dwelling has from the Twenties, with the appropriate modernization that have made them more welcoming and comfortable. => Restaurant & Bar : The family restaurant at Grand Canyon Inn & Motel is usually to opened daily for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Our menu features plenty of delicious entrees, including steaks, hamburgers, salads, charbroiled chicken sandwiches, and quesadillas, that are sure to leave you feeling full as well as fulfilled. Additionally, once you try our made-with-love pizza, you’ll find it hard to want to go to any other restaurant during your stay with us.


257, South, AZ-64 ,
Williams , Arizona , United States ,86046


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